Who We Are

It feels strange to write that and I'm sure even more strange to read, but it's the honest truth. What we are is a group of people who care deeply about community. We are passionate about coffee, and that is why we choose it to be the catalyst by which we conduct our business. We never loose sight of what we feel is most important from crop to cup.

As founders our roots are deeply planted in customer service whether it's coffee, cars or clothes. What we have found is that the one thread that sews all of these diverse fields together is people. And, more importantly the fact that they are what matters most. Autumn Coffee Roasting works diligently to maintain relationships that matter beyond our business, regardless if that's a vendor who provides light bulbs or a customer walking in the door for their first cup of one of our coffees. All matter to us and that's the foundation of our company.

With people being at the forefront of our focus, the places we choose to purchase coffee from are very important to us. We work closely with our importers to ensure that the farmers and laborers who were involved along the way are being treated fairly. This way we can feel confident that people are the focus of our business even outside of grasp of our company.

So, let's talk about our coffee. Autumn Coffee Roasting specializes in single origin coffees. If you're not familiar with that term, they are simply coffees that have come from one location whether it's a single farm, mill or co-op. We aren't against blends, but, we have found a place where our creative sides can flourish and be challenged while roasting and that's in single origin. Beyond people and specific origin, harvest dates and roast dates are something that's important to us. We work diligently to purchase fresh crops then only roast on demand rather than for back stock. In this practice, our coffees rotate with the seasons as they become available. Lastly, when the beans finally make their way into our roaster, we spend hours planning our roast profiles and cupping the results. All of this to give you what we feel is the best cup of coffee you'll have all day.